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Tapered baguette cut is a specific elongated, rectangular shape with tapered ends. These ends are narrower than the central part of the gemstone, creating a trapezoidal or kite-like shape They are a variation of the classic baguette cut, which is characterized by its step-cut facets and rectangular shape, but with tapered sides, resulting in a more elegant and dynamic appearance.

Vaibhav Dhadda’s mastery in the art of tapered baguettes lies in a unique approach to gemstone refinement.  The Rough Gemstones undergoes a rigorous process. Initially, it is hand-selected, sorted based on quality and color density, and cut into preforms. Skilled artisans then re-assort and reshape each gemstone to match the design. They use a freehand technique, grinding the preforms with a diamond powder-equipped spinning wheel, or “lap,” for faceting. Afterward, the stones are expertly tapered and polished, ensuring uniformity in size, shape, and gradation.

This level of precision and expertise ensures that every gemstone meets the high standards of beauty and quality, showcasing a level of craftsmanship that sets his jewelry apart in the world of gems. Our dedication to this process has taken over five years to perfect. This commitment to excellence is a hallmark of Dhadda’s creations.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for stunning tapered baguette-cut gemstones to add some flare to your jewelry designs. These one-of-a-kind jewels have been carefully picked to add elegance and sparkle to your designs, and our collection is filled with them. Discover the potential of creating jewelry that expertly blends elegance and precision by understanding the creativity of tapering baguette shapes. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic ring, a striking necklace, or unique earrings, our gemstones are ready to fulfill your creative idea. Send in your query now to start a journey where the unmatched workmanship of your desires meets your jewelry needs.

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