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Consumers are increasingly becoming the designers of their own products. More and more, they want to influence, tailor, and individualize their products themselves. With our help, you will have no problem offering this service. Our production facilities enable our customers to fulfill consumers’ wishes for just the right accessories to go with their own unique look.


Customized products are all the rage. They used to be considered luxury goods, but today more and more consumers are looking for a way to find something unique yet affordable. Our modern technologies make it possible for us to offer you economically produced stones as “customer-specific mass production”.

We can produce individuality in series.

Individuality in series moulds by Jaipur Jewels
Individuality in series by Jaipur Jewels


These Cameos are manufactured IN GERMANY. We have been reliably supplying the world’s jewelry industry for more than 75 years. In our own agate dyeing facility we work with the finest agates to produce widest selection of colored agates. The standard colors include:

Cameo Color Chart

Due to the different layers and colors of the agate raw material, the engraver can achieve an exceptional amount of detail. Only a few companies in the world still know how to prepare the cameo raw material. All cameos are first carved by the hands of their master engravers. After a masterpiece is finished, popular designs can be converted into tools, which are then used in ultrasonic carving machines. By the use of this technology, we can reproduce popular designs for a reasonable price.

The first step in manufacturing agate cameos is always done by hand. Then a so-called master form is made for them. This master form is then transferred to a tool so that any desired quantities can be produced. The ultrasonic engraving machines enable to make more than 1,000 different designs, whether popular or entirely individual, in small or large series: Reliably and inexpensively.