Caliber Cut Gemstones

The inspiration of Gradient derives from Vaibhav’s fascination with Art Deco jewelry style and its Caliber cut gemstones in simple line motifs; enhanced with hand-picked natural colored gemstones. It is a collection that speaks to nostalgia and it is rooted in the belief that true luxury is extraordinary, simple and fun.


Below are all Registered Designs. Imitation of the design in any form is a punishable offence.

Below are all Registered Designs. Imitation of the design in any form is a punishable offence.

Rainbow Cleopatra Pendant

Rainbow Goodluck Earrings

Rainbow Goodluck Ring

Rainbow Goodluck Bracelet

Pink Aqua Cleopatra Pendant

Pink Aqua Goodluck Earrings

Iolite BT Cleopatra Pendant

Iolite BT Goodluck Earrings

Tsavorite Circle Earrings

Amethyst Cleopatra Pendant

Amethyst Goodluck Earrings

Amethyst Goodluck Ring

Amethyst Goodluck Bracelet

Amethyst Pendant cum Brooch

Amethyst Sickle Earrings

Amethyst Goodluck Big Earrings

Rainbow Goodluck Big Earrings

Rainbow Horse Shoe Pendant

Rainbow Classic Studs

Rainbow Pendant cum Brooch

Rainbow Circle Butterfly Cameo Pendant

Rainbow Circle Pendant

Mint Green Cleopatra Pendant

Multicolor Pendant with Butterfly Cameo Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhav Dhadda

Iolite Peridot Cleopatra Pendant

Iolite Peridot Goodluck Earrings

Citrine Goodluck Earrings

Citrine Pink Cleopatra Pendant

Citrine Pink Goodluck Earrings

Citrine Pendant cum Brooch

Peridot Pink Cleopatra Pendant

Peridot Pink Goodluck Earrings

Retailer's Kit Jaipur Jewels by Vaibhva Dhadda

Ruby Goodluck Pendant

Ruby Goodluck Earrings

Emerald Goodluck Earrings

Amethyst Green Cleopatra Pendant

Amethyst Green Goodluck Earrings

Ruby Horseshoe Pendant

Ruby Pyramid Earrings

Ruby Bell Pendant

Ruby Bell Earrings

Ruby Wave Ring

Ruby Wave Bracelet

Ruby Pendant cum Brooch

Emerald Bell Pendant

Emerald Pyramid Earrings

Emerald Wave Ring

Emerald Wave Bracelet

Blue Sapphire Bell Pendant

Blue Sapphire Pyramid Earrings

Blue Sapphire Wave Ring

Blue Sapphire Wave Bracelet