Exquisite Jewelry with World’s best Cameos

Nothing exudes art, history, beauty and power in jewelry like a cameo. Only a very few companies today can call themselves masters of this traditional craft. Here at Jaipur Jewels, we offer the world’s Best Cameo Jewelry in precious metals. We also collaborate with our customers if they wish to get something exclusive made.

1. Emerald Ganesha Pendant Front_Vaibhav Dhadda Jewellery
Peacock Brooch by Jaipur Jewels



Jaipur Jewels operates on strategy that centers on targeting manufacturing export houses, multi-retail brands and E-commerce websites of India and the world. We offer more than 1000 designs of Cameos in different sizes for varied purposes. Cameo collection will differentiate the Jewellers amongst each other. This in turn gives an opportunity to realize healthy margins and to deliver great value to their customers.

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