1. What is the price to create the mold/tool for large quantities?

We will need a picture of the model and the applicable size in order to make you an exact quote.The one-time cost per cameo design shall be around USD1500-USD2000 per model. FYI – aportrait is always more expensive as a flower, animal ect. as it need much more details and take much long time to get the details out

2. What is the price for each cameo after creating the mold/tool?

Once it is created the price will follow the Cost list shared with you.

3. How long does it takes to produce the mold once we supply the design?

For new models exclusive for you at first we have to make a drawing, then a hand carving and then the mold. Depending on the work and the design we will let you know the time. Usually you can take 3-4 weeks in hand

4. How long does it take to produce large quantity order?

Once the prototype is ready, it will usually take 4-6 weeks for mass production. The delivery time always depends on the amount ordered. After you have given the order, we will get back to you with a delivery date. In general it is between 4-6 weeks.

5. How many cameo pieces can be made from that single mold design?

There is no limitation.

6. What stones colors do these cameos come in?

Available colors are Black/white, Blue/White, Red/White, Green/white.

7. Can you do Orange and Brown colour Cameos as well?

It is really hard to get the right color and it comes to a lot of rejects as the color is not always usable. So it is 50% more expensive than other 4 general colors.

8. What are the color options available in single strap in leather bracelets?

Apart from black, we offer many colors like dark red, dark green, dark yellow, white, blue, silver, gold and rose gold.

9. What are the other color options available in double strap bracelets with magnetic clasp?

Apart from the black, the double strap plastic bracelets is available in purple and brown.